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IT Training

Receive hands-on instruction from knowledgeable experts in world-class training facilities.

The team at The Institute of Industry Training is made up of a diverse group of instructors, each with years of experience in the industry. We're here to support your ambitions and give you the training necessary to be successful. DigiCloud's staff of highly skilled, multi-vendor educators has years of experience in providing high-quality training by delivering the skills and information necessary to support your ambitions.

Aspiring applicants can complete their ambitions of entering the technology industry by receiving training from DigiCloud if they are passionate about acquiring new skills and technologies. Job seekers can build careers in the IT industry by receiving training from DigiCloud in a variety of software development technologies.

Data Science

With DigiCloud's Data Science course, you can learn how to analyze data, use R statistical computing, machine learning methods, K-Means clustering, Naive Bayes, integrate R with the Hadoop framework, analyze time series, conduct business analytics, and more. You will gain practical experience in data science while taking this course by working on a variety of real-world projects in industries including e-commerce, entertainment, banking, and finance, among others.

Microsoft Azure

You become skilled at creating, organizing, and growing your online applications on Microsoft Azure after completing the Mastering Microsoft Azure Certification Training. It covers instruction utilizing real-world case studies on Azure App Services, Azure Storage, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database, Microservices, Azure AD, and Azure Automation and DevOps.